The Story


I discovered Edythe in June 2021, when listening to episode 3-"Edythe Eyde" of the Podcast Making Gay History. I had only started listening and I was hooked , I binged most of season one and two in a week. Though, when Edythe's episode finished, I just wanted to listen to her songs again. I was happy to find an extra episode with more of her songs titled Edythe's Gay Gal's Mixtape.

I then started a treasure hunt. I wanted to find all of Edythe AKA Lisa Ben's songs. Google searches for Edythe Eyde probably skyrocketed. They were all my searches. I couldn't find any substantial notes, chords or sheet music of her work. I finally stumbled upon a post of Kate Litterer on instagram who had done her PHD more or less on Lisa Ben. She agreed to give me PDFs of Lisa's personal notes on songs.

I then produced the chord/lyrics charts that are available on this website.

I also used Eric Marcus' content heavily in the beginning and the Herstories archive's 2 hour and 30 minutes long tapes where Lisa sings her songs.

My goal would be to produce a small printed songbook, record her songs and maybe give a small concert or two.

I want to make the songs available to beginner or advanced musicians everywhere in the world. It would, in the same stride, make a piece of LGBTQ+ history available to anyone who might be researching about the colourful past of the LGBTQ+ community.